Tobira Onsen Myojinkan

1. From what time can we arrive?

From 15h, but you can arrive earlier and enjoy our Lobby & Salon before the check in.

2. How to join us from Matsumoto station to your hotel :

We offer our private shuttle bus, which will pick you free of charge from the Matsumoto station. Place a reservation at least 30 minutes prior to your arrival at the station. Travel time: between 35 and 45 minutes.

3. I arrive in Narita Tokyo airport by plane, How to come in your hotel?

From Tokyo Narita Airport to Matsumoto station by train: Please buy a ticket, Price: 13 000 ¥ / Duration: 3h50 mins

4. I arrive in Haneda Tokyo airport by plane, how to come in your hotel?

From Tokyo Haneda Airport to Matsumoto Station by train: Please buy a ticket, Price: 7 500 ¥ / Duration: 3h30 mins.

5. I arrive in Kansai international airport by plane, how to come in your hotel?

From Kansai international airport to Matsumoto station by train: Please buy a ticket, Price: 13 280 ¥ / Duration: 4h34 mins.

6. Is Tattoo allowed in your hot spring?

In Japan, tattoos are considered a symbol of violence. In Japanese hot springs, people with tattoos are not yet allowed to bathe. Therefore, we can offer you rooms with private outdoor baths in our Myojinkan Hotel. In this case, you can enjoy the hot spring without worrying about the guests. You can book a room with an outdoor bath and enjoy it.

8. Is there any child restrictions? And do you offer any services for children?

We offer a special meal service for children during dinner at the Japanese restaurant (extra service). However, children under 12-13 years old are not accepted at the French restaurant.

9. Is there a wireless internet connection and what is the price?

Our Hotel offer free wireless internet connection without any password.

10. What are the options to park?

Our hotel offer valet free parking service.

11. Do you have any equipment for disabled person?

We have several facilities inside the hotel to accommodate the mobility of disabled person. The front staff will care of you and be able to bring you Wheelchair and electric wheelchair.

12. Are animals allowed?

Animals are forbidden.

13. Smoking is allowed in your hotels?

In our hotel Myojinkan, smoking is not allowed but there are 2 smoking areas, and outside, also 1 terrace are available. The electronic cigarette is tolerated in the rooms. The front staff offer also a rental electronic cigarette.

14. Is breakfast included in the price?

Breakfast is always included in the price.

15. Are taxes included in the price?

Taxes are included in the price (not included Bath tax (Onsen)).

16. Which payment method do you accept?

All kind of credit cards is accepted (Centurion, Amex, VISA, Mastercard…). Apple paid is also accepted. But we don’t accept Debit card and prepaid card.

17. How can I cancel a prepaid reservation?

If you wish to cancel a reservation, please refer to the site where you have validated your reservation. If you have made a reservation directly on our website, please contact us on the "Contact" section or by mail.

18. I have allergies, do you have any solution for me?

Our chefs will be able to adjust the meal according to your allergies. Please tell us about these allergies during your reservation or contact us.

19. What is the club lounge?

Club lounge is a VIP relaxing place where buffet and free drink are available for repeaters and VIP customers only.

20. How to book for special arrangements?

Please contact us by phone or mail to discuss such arrangements, and discuss your needs and possibilities (Flower arrangement, glass of champagne, cake, photo, etc.).

We also have a Banquet hall where you can eat a special Japanese dishes while enjoying to a performance featuring Japanese traditional music (Shamisen and Okoto, japanese harp). More information on the facilities page.

21. Can we eat lunch at the hotel?

The lunch is only available for consecutive night customers.